Business proposal

Everything that happens tomorrow,
depends of your decision today

Having read through this page up to the end, you can tell "no", but can tell "yes"! The choice belongs to you. Only consider your answer before as you answer to yourselves. Usually people speak "no", if they do not have money to begin the business, or they have not understood, how it is accessible and simple. If you do not have money now, whether you will have it tomorrow? If no, that it is time to begin business together!

This business is easy to begin, and it is not too difficult to be engaged it. It is not required greater capital investments from you and greater expenses of time. You can start to do it right now, during free time from the basic work. We are not trained in this of 5 years in institute, and we become professionals during work, starting to earn from first days.

Here it is possible to earn money. Small, greater and very much greater - and earnings will be proportional to your work. Notice: you will put not money, but time and work - and you will receive money and a free time. It would seem, paradox! But actually this is the principle of "the residual income".

How the income of the worker or the employee is formed? While he works, he receives the salary. The more he works, the can earn more. But if he will lose work, his income will cease to act. Many owners of small business are in the same position: they have to work from morning to night and if they cease to do it, in most cases business breaks.

How the income of the investor is formed? He invests the large capital in another's profitable business and receives dividends. He does not work in this business. He puts in this the money - and receives money and a free time.

You can become the investor too. Only you will put not money, but the work and time in own business which in the further begins to work on you. The large will become your business, the more it will bring to you of money and a free time. You will work less, but will earn more and there is a principle of the residual income.

How many time is necessary for this purpose? Having worked in our company 2-3 years, you can create strong base of well-being for the family. Only it is a question of serious work. Nobody will force and supervise you. You will not need to be given this work all free time. But there are game rules. The one who follows these rules, wins, who goes by own way - loses more often. We will teach you all this. We will help you to become the professional and an equal member of a team. But if you will not take the responsibility for the success on yourselves from the first steps, anybody will not make it for you.

What CaliVita International offers?

Independence: You are the chief. You supervise work, instead of it supervises you!

Financial safety: Your income is protected from inflation and its size depends of your activity only.

Success: It depends not on your education, abilities or a place in network, but from your enthusiasm and persistence only.

New style of your life: You can live the high-grade, interesting life and to warn an old age! You can help the relatives as concerning health, and financial. You can bring up healthy generation, setting an example to children and grandsons.

How to achieve it? How to begin?
Create your own club Detailed marketing plan
Why today? Progressive system of earnings

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