Business proposal

How to achieve this?

Knowing and liking products, we carry the information them who requires it

Using it ourselves - we make healthy our relatives too

Earning ourselves - we suggest them to earn together


You begin, that you use products of the Company. This are remarkable products, this will give vivacity and health to all your family. Thus you get products for the special reduced price accessible only to members of our club.

Your first clients become your friends and relatives: having interested as you manage to remain on foots among a general flu epidemic, to get rid of popular sores, excessive weight, to be always vigorous and cheerful - they will want to follow your example too. You can offer them our products at the retail price (and it will be your first small earnings), or to suggest them to enter also members of our club (so your network will start to be under construction). The core that it is necessary to know is that everyone invited by you in a network will take the place under you, and his further work will bring the contribution to development of your business.

Also what he should do? The same, that you do: to begin with use of products for himself and the family. Then to offer an opportunity of improvement and earnings to the friends and relatives. And, at last, to help those of them who will become interested in this offer, to build the network (which simultaneously will be also your network).

It is called "Network Marketing". At all simplicity and availability it is large international business. Your network becomes a part of global network of CaliVita International, and you can have partners in all countries where our company works, as presently there are greater opportunities of construction of a network through the Internet. Marketing plan of the company provides you reception of the income of all branches of your network where they were. It is watched with our global computer in which code numbers of all members of a network are brought in hierarchical order.

Becoming the owner of such large international enterprise, you thus will be relieved of all administrative problems. You will not need to charge the salary to workers (it does a computer!), to be engaged accounting (a computer!), to deal with taxes (besides a computer!). The Global computer will trace all purchases of your network, and the check will come to you every month. It can be for the sum of 100 dollars, 1000 dollars, 10000 dollars... the further figures let your imagination and your enthusiasm will prompt you. And thus everything, that you will need to do that your network worked, developed and is repaid - is all the same three simple things:

  • To use products yourself
  • To offer another an opportunity of improvement and earnings
  • To help your partners to build the business

Really unique opportunities open before you today. Let imagine only! You will not need more to follow an ancient practice to go work every day, implicitly to listen chief and to be connected the established salary! You can determine working hours, receive such amount of money which you want, and at the same time to be engaged in this that is really pleasant to you. You can break off at last a chain and start to live such life of which the majority of people only dream!


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