Business proposal

Create your own Business Club

We shall help you to construct own Business Club!

The first step which you need to be made for this purpose is

Thus you at once receive:

  1. A personal code in global club network CaliVita Int.,
  2. A starting package (the catalogue of products, the booklet of the company, other business materials);
  3. The right to the discount at purchase of products;
  4. The right to 30 % earnings at work with your client (a difference between retail and club price);
  5. An opportunity of construction of your own Club and reception of the Bonus (commission fee from purchases of members of your club).

You can become a Club CaliVita Int. membership by purchasing any of our products. After that, you do not need any more payments.

Each member of CaliVita Int. has a direct information sponsor. This is a member of Club which has invited you into the Club. His personal code number and a name are brought in your Agreement with the company. Involving other people in Club, you become their direct sponsor. Your direct sponsor is also the higher sponsor of all members of your club.

You can become also a member of Elite Club of CaliVita Int.

You enter into Elite club by personal purchase during one month of elite products on 2000 EBP - elite bonus points (corresponds approximately 250-270 EUR). Members of Elite club can receive in addition 10 % the discount (Elit Rebate) for products of the Elite class, and also can participate in Progressive marketing program and receive an additional progressive Bonus.

Why creation of own club can provide your financial future?

For the answer we shall address to business plan.


Month sales in BP (10 BP=1 $) Bonus, % Progressive
bonus, %
1000 4 8
3000 7 12
9000 10 17
18000 12 20
32000 15 24
58000 18 27
95000 21 30

Certainly, it would be absolutely quite good to receive a bonus of 21 %, but, apparently from the table, for this purpose it is necessary to purchase from the company of products a minimum of 9500 $. Here your Club will come to the aid to you. For construction of the Club you will spend 7-14 hours per week, however for success you should work under the certain program. You receive the help first of all from the your sponsor.

How this program looks?

Бизнес клуб Calivita International -маркетинг MLM программа 1-st month = 1
2-nd month = 2
3-rd month = 4
4-th month = 8
10-th month = 512!!!

Let you became a member of Club and for the certain period (for 1 month, 2 months, etc.) have learned sponsoring (to attraction and training of new members). Let for the following period you have involved and have trained one member of your own Club (see fig.) Now your Club consists from 2 person. By the end of the third period your personal Club will already consist from 4 person. By the end of the fourth period - from 8 person, 5-th period - from 16 person, etc.

By the end of 10-th period in your Club there will be 512 person. The most surprising consists that you personally have involved and trained (together with yourself) for 10 periods of time 10 person only!

This scheme shows force of duplication system. Such business unlike usual linear business call also non-linear (a geometrical progression of growth of buyers number and sales of products).

As average sales of members of CaliVita Int. for a month makes 30 $, it is easily to count up average sales of your Club depending a number of people and to estimate your Bonus (this will make approximately 1/3 Bonuses of Club (group).

The period (month) nn Number of person in group Sales (USD) Group bonus (%) Group bonus (USD) Your own bonus (USD)
1 1 30 0 0  
2 2 60 0 0  
3 4 120 4 4,8 2-4,8
4 8 240 4 9,6 3-9,6
5 16 480 7 33,6 10-15
6 32 960 10 96 30
7 64 1920 12 230,4 70-80
8 128 3840 15 576 200
9 256 7680 18 1382 450
10 512 15360 21 3226 1000
. . . . . . . . . . . . 21 . . . . . . . .

If you will participate in Progressive Marketing program, your personal bonus at a group sales 15,360 USD can reach 2000 USD and even more!

And, the most important, at a bonus from above 500 $ in a month when in your Club will be some hundreds of members, you will forget a word "Earnings", but will use a word "Investment". This because own Club created by you begins to be repaid for you irrespective of your efforts, that is exact how if you received percent from the banking capital.

If, for example, your monthly income in Club of CaliVita Int. is equal 800 $, that is, approximately 10,000 $ for a year, you should have in bank the capital nearby 100,000$ ( at the rate of 10 % annual)!


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