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CaliVita International is a multinational corporation which spreads a new, high-quality way of life over the world. This way of life is based on a priority of health, and its component is, except for constant physical exercises and an eutrophy, the use of biological additives for protection and strengthenings of health. Differently, by means of system CaliVita International we have an opportunity to get acquainted with a new, modern way of life.

Dietary supplements are an essential component of modern nutrition

In the beginning of XXI century we collide with factors menacing to health even more often. Air pollution and environments, preservatives, artificial dyes, chemical substances, medical preparations, alcohol, coffee, artificial light sources, constant stress - all these factors, being the integral satellites of fast rate of a life, are a source of many diseases.

Resistibility of our organism, its ability to mobilize the protective forces in many respects depends on a high-grade feed, and the typical diet of the modern person is poor many necessary nutrients, first of all, minerals, microcells and vitamins. The vicious circle when progress of mankind becomes the factor leading reduction of duration and deterioration of a life of many people turns out.

CaliVita International is the global leader in manufacture of biological additives to a feed which use is an integral part of modern life if we wish to neutralize harmful influence of environments and to keep the health.

Calivita International is a leader in dietary supplements industry

The spectrum of its products is extraordinary wide, the same as also the international market of its distribution. The company is founded in 1991, and now distributes products more than in 37 countries of the world.

CaliVita International is a leader in wellness and modern lifestyle

The idea of "three steps to health" presently has found reflection in concept of WELLNESS, which means the complex approach by a healthy, high-grade and qualitative life - unity of an active way of life, positive emotional spirit and high-grade feed.

"Three steps to health" from the point of view of a balanced diet mean:

1. Equation of feed macrocomponents (the basic nutrients) in a daily diet ;
    2. The Individual approach to a choice of the basic food stuffs according group of blood;
    3. Preventive maintenance and indemnification of vitamin and mineral deficiency by means of the individual program of food supplements.

Principles of "Zone Diet" (Barry Sirs) and of "Plan ABO" (Peter D"Adamo) + purposeful therapy by modern food supplements - here those three steps which will return to your immune system its primary power and resistance struggle to your health and longevity.

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