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Президент Сalivita International Дж. Харгитай

The person of the President and structure of his team are important things for success and prosperity of company. Gerry Hargitai, the founder and president of CaliVita International, declares that is not going to leave this post at least till 2020. Such stability gives a good basis for reliable business and realization of far-reaching plans.

"Our unique and exclusively high quality products, the thought over system of encouragements and positive image of the company once again confirm that fact, that now as never, it is necessary to be engaged in this business. CaliVita International, undoubtedly, makes to you the best offer, than the majority of firms which I know. I am deeply assured, that the majority of you will find the reason and a way, that this exclusive opportunity to transform into the capital".

Gerry Hargitai

Those who accepts and follows philosophy of the Company,
make the choice in favour of health.

You also have an opportunity to make the life brighter and independent, participating in international business of CaliVita International. The company renders all-round support to members of a global network, gives the detailed information on products and its application, the information on system of Marketing, spends education, trainings and consultations. You can learn news in our global network in a regular published magazine "CaliNews", information leaflets and news releases of our site.

Clubcard of Calivita International global network
Offices of Calivita International

The central administrative board and industrial lines of the Company are located in Farmington (USA). The central European office is located in Rotterdam (Holland), Management of the East Europe - in Budapest (Hungary). Products can be ordered by mail or to get in warehouses of the countries, entering in global network of CaliVita International. Owing to an optimum parity of the price and quality, products of CaliVita International is rather competitive in the world market that promotes steady demand and an annual gain of manufacture and sales.

The company constantly expands and updates assortment of products on the basis of advanced achievements of a science and technology, and also improves system of marketing.

World movement of fitness has arisen in California more 40 years ago. Today CaliVita International is the recognized leader of this movement. Professing values of a healthy way of life, the company in every possible way supports development of fitness in all countries entering into a global network. CaliVita International is the official sponsor of World, European and national championships FitnessMan, FitnessWoman and FitKids, and the President of Company Gerry Hargitai heads the International Federation of fitness (IFF).

Calivita International is fitness movement leader

The motto of the company is: "Lets be fit!", and official hymn of CaliVita International has got the name "We can change it all!" That on sense means: "Changing ourselves, we shall change the world!"

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