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Our products for health will help you prevent and overcome diseases, get rid of parasites and infections, lose weight and maintain optimal weight, get more pleasure out of life!

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Calivita is:

- a new, high-quality way of life
Health and Wealth with CaliVita
- a priority of health
- an individual approach in view of group of blood
- a fitness, energy and a youth

Products for Health 

Calivita International - nutraceuticals for health and fitnessNew quality of life

CaliVita International is engaged in the development, production and distribution of the most advanced products that complement the food. These products are made from fresh natural ingredients by world standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practics) in the U.S. under the supervision and control of one of the most stringent organizations - Food and drug Administration FDА, and these products are popular in many countries around the world.

CaliVita International does not use in the manufacture of dietary supplements preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors and genetically modified raw materials.

CaliVita has more than 100 titles of high-quality organic products for health:

  • for all age groups;
  • for each group of blood;
  • for men and women;
  • for pregnant women and mothers;
  • for people of mental and physical work;
  • for athletes.
Nutraceutics for men and women, for each blood group

Products of CaliVita are vitamin and mineral complexes and monopreparations, medical herbs and their mixes. These products are developed in view of real requirements and the constitutional characteristics of the person. These products are made that to provide the maximal mastering and efficiency.

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СaliVita International not only helps us to save our own health, health of family and friends. It gives us an opportunity of richer life.

СaliVita International is a unique offer for construction of own business. Using this philosophy and taking up the responsibility, we can make our relatives and our friends more fine and more richly.

What you will choose: 40 years of work for others and ridiculous pension - or 4-5 years of work for yourself and an opportunity to not be afraid of an old age?

That can become a Business of all your life!

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Jerry Hargitai establishes the company CaliVita International
and becomes its president

For the first time in the world - nutraceutics for each group of blood are designed.

An association of manufacturers of products for health - California Group - created.

Currently CaliVita International operates in 37 countries around the world.

Against parasites and infection ParaProtex - newest drug against parasites

For body slimming Slim Formula - termogenetic drug for weight loss and body shaping

For each group of blood Complexes for person according blood type

For children Lion kids - multivitamin for children from 2 to 10

Liquid formulas Juices are wery effective nutraceuticals


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For your blood group
Blood type Diet and targeted supplements for your blood group.

Against parasites
Natural safe drugs against parasites of wide spectrum action.

Not harmful slimming
Our products will help you lose weight naturally.

Stop electrosmog!
Protection against radiation of mobile phones and other electrical devices.

Why liquid is better?
Liquid formula (or juice) - this is the best way of detoxification and rehabilitation of the body.


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