Marketing system of CaliVita International

Today CaliVita International works in 35 countries of Western, Average and the East Europe, and also in Turkey and Mexico. The global status of CV network means, that, having registered the membership in any country, you have automatically an opportunity to build the business in territory of all countries where works CaliVita International, and to get products - in any country where there is a post delivery. The global computer system of the account and the simple scheme of products delivery provide trouble-free work of your organization.

The person of any age can be member of CaliVita network, irrespective of a residence. Your profession is not important. You work at any time convenient for you and can combine your work in CaliVita Int. with your primary job.

Your higher leader is not your chief and is always interested in your success both on moral, and for material reasons.

The plan of earnings and increase of сareer gives to you wide marketing opportunities, that defines popularity of CaliVita International business. The company uses classical marketing plan which gives the best opportunities for realization of your energy and the initiative.

The basic advantages of CaliVita International marketing plan:

  1. To begin work, you do not require the "starting" capital;
  2. You do not have obligations to buy fixed set of products for the beginning work;
  3. Absence of requirements to personal purchases down to 12 %-s' levels;
  4. Absence of "rank overtaking";
  5. Automatic prolongation of membership;
  6. Real conditions of performance of qualifying ranks.

  1. Opportunity of reception bonus up to 30 % for a personal and group purchases;
  2. The "enclosed" system of progressive marketing;
  3. Reception of bonuses without restriction on depth of structure;
  4. The manager's premium (with the status of the royalties);
  5. Additional discounts, premiums and payments.

As a whole the company directs on payments to members of a network
up to 50 % from a monthly purchases.

(marketing plan of CaliVita International)

Marketing plan provides three kinds of earnings to members of a network:

  • 33 %-s' difference between the retail and club prices which you receive at once as a result of realization of products;
  • Bonus according the table depending on commodity circulation of a network created by you during distributor activity;
  • 5 % the award from a purchases of 21 %-st network that you created (~ 700 US $).

If you wish to occupy distributor activity,
you need:

  1. a) Define the purpose which you wish to achieve, entering in international fitness league (global CV Network);
    b) Make a decision.
  2. Write (!) the initial list of your friends (minimum 200 person).
  3. Invite these people in business.
  4. Explain to them the marketing plan (to show an opportunity of three kinds of earnings and benefit from consumption of products).
  5. Hold with invited people a meeting for acceptance of the decision by them (consumer or distributor).
  6. Fill in the application form and the primary order.
  7. Recommend the literature, cartridges and visiting of seminars of CaliVita International.

MLM business is business of free time
  • For the consumer this is economy of the family budget;
  • For the distributor this is a difference between the retail and club prices.

The general for everybody is an economy on medical products which you can spend at treatment of the illnesses connected with adverse ecological conditions, flu epidemics, etc., weakening of organism owing poverty of vitamins in food stuffs (it is easier to prevent than to treat!)

  • 5 %-st award for creation of a network with a sales of 21 %.
  • From 1 % up to 9 % bonus from sales of 21 %-st groups; rest on resorts of Company and other privileges given by the firm.

The SECOND KIND of EARNINGS is determined under the bonus table and is equal to the certain percent depending on sales of your group. As business is international, purchases and earnings are estimated in bonus points, that keeps your income of inflation.


Bonus table looks as follows:

Sales in BP Bonuses, % Earnings, USD
1000 4 158 : 1,06 х 4 % = 5,96
3000 7 31,3
9000 10 134,1
18000 12 322,0
32000 15 715,4
58000 18 1556,1
95000 21 2973,6

**Factor 1,06 considers the tax (for the EU countries)

For example:

Marketing of CaliVita International for MLM earnings

VARIANT I: you and your group of structure of 7 person have made 7000 BP under the bonus table - this is 7 %.

Earnings of your group: 7000 х 0,158 : 1,06 х 7 % = 73 $.

Your earnings: 73 $ - (1000 х 0,158 : 1,06 х 4 % х 6 pers.) = 37 $ + 30 % from the sum of your personal sales. Total: 84$.

VARIANT II: you and your group of structure of 37 person have made 37000 BP under the bonus table - this is 15 %.

Earnings of your group: 37000 х 0,158 : 1,06 х 15 % = 827 $.

Your earnings: 827 $ - (6000 х 0,158 : 1,06 х 7 % х 6 pers.) = 451 $ + 30 % from the sum of your personal sales. Total: 498$.

Marketing plan of MLM club
Earnings in MLM Company CaliVita International

VARIANT III: you and your group of structure of 127 person has made 127000 BP under the bonus table - this is 21 %.

Earnings of your group: 127000 х 0,158 : 1,06 х 21 % = 3975 $.

Your earnings: 3975 $ - (21000 х 0,158 : 1,06 х 12 % х 6 pers.) = 1721 $ + 30 % from the sum of your personal sales. Total: 1768 $.

   а) Your 1-st line consists of 6 person;
   б) 2-nd line - 30 person.

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