Marketing plan

The progressive reward system

The progressive earnings system is an additional motivational element, but does not carry a binding character. If you satisfy a condition of progressive marketing, your earnings can increase to 50% according ashevied results. If you do not carry out these conditions, your earnings will pay off under the usual scheme.

Progressive Reward System can be achieved at the levels of 12%, 15%, 18% and 21%. The Members of CaliVita International® are entitled for Progressive Bonus Payment, in case they meet the following conditions in the given month:

  1. At least 12% level.
  2. At least 10% increase in GBP (Group Bonus Points) compared to the average of the preceding 3 months
  3. Reaching at least 10% level in the preceding 3 month.

The value of progressive Bonus is equivalent to the percent of bonus payment by which GBPs increases in the given month compared to the average GBPs of the preceding three months, at most by 50%. The value of Progressive Bonus cannot exceed the value of 500 USD.

The member loses the entitlement to the Progressive Bonus if she/he:

  • does not meet the above-mentioned conditions.
  • becomes entitled to Manager Premium.

The member shall become entitled to Progressive Bonus Payment again when he has not been entitled to Manager Premium, and besides the basic conditions, meets the following requirements:

  • His average performance of the preceding trimester exceeds, at least by 10%, the last average performance to be fulfilled. The last average performance to be fulfilled is the GBP average of the last month – in which the payment of the progressive bonus took place – and the two months preceding it.

Structure of reward payments

Payments of MLM system CaliVita Nominal level, % Progressive level, %
І. Reward payments on BP 21 31
ІІ. The manager's premium 5 -
ІІІ. Other payments 3 5
Total payment 29 36

CaliVita International provides to the members earnings up to 36 % from size of a monthly sales (on the basis of the reached qualifying level).

In view of the additional Elite discount of 10 %, the volume of monthly payments can reach

46 % of a monthly sales

            [1]    2


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