Nutraceuticals of CaliVita International

Doctor Wallach, the popular lecturer in America on the themes connected with health, once has told:

"Researching the reasons of death of people and animals, I have made 17500 operations, and here to what conclusion I have come: everybody animal and the person, died natural death, die of a defective feed, this is, from deficiency of nutrients".

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals is a problem of the population of all countries of the world, including the most developed. It cause both a defective feed, and decrease in the contents of the necessary substances in foodstuff that is the negative side of modern methods of conducting an agriculture and industrial processing of products. Thus very few people knows, that, for example, deficiency of calcium is the reason approximately 147 diseases.

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals is a problem of the population of all  countries
Nutraceuticals of CaliVita International contain  vitamins, minerals, microcells from natural sources

Natural food supplements and nutraceuticals of CaliVita International are created on the basis of last scientific development. They contain vitamins, minerals, microelements and other nutrients necessary for a high-grade feed. Besides they containin antioxydant complexes for protection from harmful factors of civilisation, lipotropic substances neutralizing food fats and helping to exempt an organism from the saved fatty adjournment, extracts from the curative plants which have been grown up in ecologically pure zones of our planet. The structure of nutraceuticals is balanced according to last scientific data about real deficiency of vitamins and minerals in an organism.

There is a list of the key moments to which it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of food supplements and nutraceutics for the family from a variety of such products in the today's market:

  1. Availability of the certificate certifying its quality and safety.
  2. Guarantee of a natural origin of initial raw material.
  3. Completeness of the information about quantitative and qualitative structure of components.
  4. Availability of the information about the organic or inorganic form of mineral components.
  5. Other information testifying to efficiency of mastering and action of a nutraceutic.

CaliVita International gives full and a trustworthy information about structure of each product, natural sources of nutritious components, their form and the factors providing the maximal mastering and effective action of a nutraceuticals. The company gives a real guarantee of safety of products and satisfaction of needs of the user.

These supplements and nutraceuticals are made in the USA, at the industrial lines equipped according to requirements GMP, at use of materials of exclusively natural basis, with application of the newest technology. Then they pass the control over management of sanitary inspection behind foodstuff and medical preparations. The structure of nutraceuticals and their various characteristics grow out long and careful professional work.

Nutraceuticals of Calivita are made under control of sanitary inspection

By development and manufacturing of nutraceuticals CaliVita International applies, except for last discoveries, experience of nonconventional medicine of antique times, and also centenary and thousand-year traditions of various civilizations. Our supplements do not contain some sugar, salt preservatives, artificial additives and painting substances. Genetically modified raw material is not applied at production of nutraceuticals.

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