Nutraceuticals for blood group

Nutraceutics, vitamins, chelated minerals

At production of nutraceuticals CaliVita International uses the technology «Timed Release», that is gradual absorption, that provides maintenance of necessary concentration of active substances in blood within 12-18 hours, and it increases efficiency of vitamins not less than on 40 %..

Mineral components in structure of nutraceutics are in chelated (organic) form, that besides improves their absorption at 5-10 time. One more technological know-how is not acid form of vitamin C («Ether С»), that protects mucous of stomach and promotes long preservation of vitamin C in blood. The form of release of preparations - tablets in an environment and capsules - provides a long period of storage of preparations without application of preservatives.

The company produce special complexes for people with various blood groups - Vital O, Vital A, Vital B, Vital AB. They are created on the basis of works studying connection of a food allowance with group of blood and contain an individual set of nutritious components for people of each genetic type. These nutraceuticals allow to lower also risk of genetically caused (so-called "family") illnesses, inherent in people with concrete blood type, and that who does not adhere to a diet for the group, they will help to lower harmful action of "not own" food stuffs.

Food supplements according blood group

In 1998 CaliVita International first-ever began to distribute nutraceuticals for different groups of blood and continues to develop this direction. It allows us to realize in practice an individual approach to improvement and treatment of illnesses. Supplementing blood group diet by corresponding complexes, and also other products from a wide spectrum of nutraceuticals of CaliVita, we receive huge opportunities for normalization of exchange processes and elimination of many problems with our health.

There is rase unique case in modern market of food supplements: having taken any nutraceutic of CaliVita International, you will find the full and open information on its quantitative and qualitative structure (on each component), the form in which it is presented, and also a natural source from which this component is received.

Production of nutraceuticals

A firm secret is one: the highest qualification of developers and manufacturers that provides not only constant updating of the list of products according to the advanced tendencies of a science and technology, but thus and optimum expenses at all stages of its creation and realization - and it gives reasonable prices and competitiveness to our nutraceuticals all over the world. Thus we do not use for distribution of products by services of intermediaries, and consequently CaliVita gives 100 % assurance on quality of its products.

CaliVita International is a memeber of California Group – group of leading manufacturers of products for health. CaliVita have got the exclusive right of distribution of following trade marks belongs:

  • «CaliVita® International» - products of the newest developments and directions.
  • «Perfect Nutrition®» - the famous brand, whose products have no rivals in the Europe on a parity "price/quality". This is the manufacturer of very popular multivitamins Full Spectrum and many other of nutraceuticals.
  • «California Fitness®» - the ancestor of values and traditions world fitness-movement, the manufacturer of sports preparations and energizers. Trade mark of California Fitness is a part of emblem of CaliVita Intrnational and became a symbol of the international fitness championships as this company is traditionally its sponsor.

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