New Developments

In recent years, following the trends of the global health sciences, CaliVita International has opened two new developments - liquid formulas and electronic devices.

Liquid formulas of CaliVita

A thousand-year tradition of juice therapy are embodied in our time in the concept of liquid nutraceutics, or "juices." The most convenient way to restore and improve health is to use not the form, which gives us great minds of pharmacologists, but that suggests to us by nature. As much as we may try, it is impossible to enter a whole apple, from the skin to seeds, into one tablet. Therefore, the whole world used the Millennium natural juices to improve the health.

Liquid formulas of CaliVita are carefully designed compositions, including the concentrated juices of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants, have expressed prophylactic and therapeutic effect. The advantage of natural liquid formulas is a complex effect on the body, with the most flexible, "natural" form. Liquid formulas are the best way of detoxification and rehabilitation of the body.

Liquid formulas have a huge advantage. Natural juices are compatible with any other nutraceuticals, as well as any pharmacological drugs. Juices can be recommended to children and adults for the prevention, treatment - for anything.

Juices do not have to grind, they are easy to swallow, they have a pleasant taste. Juices better assimilated, their assimilation does not depend on the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. This is biologically available, easily assimilated form, its absorption begins already in the mouth. Therefore effeciency of liquids is always higher than any solid products - its effectively impact begins at the minimum dosage.

Assimilation of minerals contained in the nutraceuticals, is highly dependent on the form in which they are presented. Inorganic minerals are not assimilated more than 10%. Assimilation of minerals in chelate (organic) form - is 4-7 times higher. The most biologically available and most assimilated form - that are colloidal minerals, which are contained in the liquid nutraceuticals. Their assimilation is 90 percent or more.

Given all this, liquid nutraceuticals create the best conditions for the restoration and maintenance of health, for enhance immunity, resistance to infection and other factors. The liquid forms is also easily removed from the body, so they can be taken continuously, without fear of overdose or side effects.

Liquid nutraceuticals create the best conditions for the restoration and maintenance of health

Natural juices are not only preventive but also curative effect, that is recognized by all. Juice therapy applies to heart disease and kidney, in the treatment of anemia. Juices are the foundation of cleansing the liver, as well as the foundation of antineoplastic nutrition. Liquid formulas of CaliVita contain a range of concentrated juice a wide variety of plants, including tropical fruits and exotic fruits such as mangostin and Noni (for example, the formula "Ocean-21" includes about 200 components). Therefore their therapeutic effect is so much.

Currently CaliVita offers liquid formulas:

Bio-informational devices

Electronic devices of CaliVita Electronics correctly to call as bio-informational devices, as well as their role is primarily to the impact on the information structure of our body. Bioinformatics impact acts on the cellular level, allowing to restore energetics of cells, and thereby to return them in a healthy condition, a kind of "erasing" the memory of the disease.

Device of bioresonance therapy Bio Harmonex has 20 programs for the normalization of the various systems and functions, as well as detoxification of body. It differs from other devices of this type that it is a portable device, no more of cigarette box. Thus, you can engage in any case, while taking bioresonance therapy. It is very important that the impact being of non-contact method - that guarantees the security of apparat.

Device of bioresonance therapy Bio Harmonex

BioHarmonex harmonize the work of the body and can serve as an additional tool for homeopathic therapy. It also improves digestion and effectiveness of dietary supplements.

Communiguard creates an information field, blocking the harmful radiation effects of mobile phones

Protective foil Communiguard creates an information field, blocking the harmful radiation effects of mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens, or other source of electromagnetic energy. Communiguard is the size of a postage stamp, glued to the body of the cell phone, does not require charging and is almost eternal. The efficiency of protection against radiation confirmed by direct measurements at the Institute EUTROPA, in Germany.

Water filter and ionizer Aquarion provides not only 100% clearance of water from contamination and impurities, but also allows the water to a specified value of pH, which is very important to maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the body. This is a unique instrument, capable to maintain the pH in the running water. Aquarion also structuring water.

Maintaining the optimum pH value of the body liquid environment is one of the essential conditions of health. This creates not only the optimal conditions for metabolism, but also makes impossible the reproduction of disease germs and parasites that, according to scientific data, is one of the greatest challenges of humanity.

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Water filter Aquarion also allows the water to a specified value of pH


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