When these products are especially necessary?

  • At pregnancy and feeding of the child.
  • At unpleasant the symptoms arising before and after of menstrual cycle.
  • To women in a menopausal stage.
  • To all children for normal development.
  • At backlog in growth.
  • At excess weight and fatty adjournment in an organism.
  • At low immunity.
  • At infringements of brain activity.
  • At infringements of blood circulation, cardiovascular diseases.
Supplements are required for all children
  • Oncological patient.
  • At complaints to an overstrain, stress, bad mood, a bad dream.
  • At problems of a metabolism and digestion.
  • At a high level of cholesterol.
  • At nicotinic dependence (increase of resistibility).
  • To drivers for increase of concentration of attention.
  • At oxygen starvation of cells.
  • At infectious and cold deseases.
  • At fungoid diseases and helminthic invasions.
  • At decrease in formation of red blood cells, the some enzymes in blood.
Supplements are also needed and adults
  • At decrease in elasticity of skin, for disposal of wrinkles.
  • At fragility of nails, loss of hair.
  • At problems with sight.
  • During formation of a bones, and also for preventive maintenance of fragility of bones.
  • To men at problems with prostate.
  • At barreness and sexual frustration.
  • In advanced age for increase of a vitality and preventive maintenance of diseases.
Supplements help prolong youth

The combination of nutraceuticals provides strong effect in the fight against diseases. Consult a doctor, you get a great opportunity toimprove your health with products of Calivita, prevent diseases and even get rid of them. That is many facts, as the company has been operating for 17 years on the European market, the countries of Eastern Europe and Ukraine, the first of the CIS countries.

Please, see the price list and product catalog with the following areas:

Vitamins and Antioxydants
    Blood group complexes
    Medical herbs

Targeted nutraceuticals
    Liguid Supplements

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