Club CaliVita

Rules of Club CaliVita, registration

On this page you can looking basic rules of CaliVita International Network and conditions of membership, and also to issue the CV membership.

Membership in CaliVita International - the way to new life

Conditions of membership in CaliVita International Network

Endurances from organizational rules of CaliVita International

Application form

How to become a member of CaliVita International Network,
and what it means

So, if you have decided to become the full member of international Club of CaliVita International, it is necessary for you to do the following.

1) To fill out the Application form.

2) Receive to e-mail your pre-registrating membership code.

3) Make order in on-line shop of CaliVita for any product.

With first order you will receive a starting package. Then, your membership code will be attached to you forever. There are no any obligatory purchase more.

You will find in a starting package the complete set of the documentation about the company, products and organizational principles of CaliVita International, price list and other forms. Simultaneously you receive a plastic card with a member code which will give you the right and in the further to get products for a discount price. On the same code the computer of our global network will keep account your purchases and to charge you qualifying points and bonuses.

If you have decided begin member of CaliVita International with purpose to use products only, you receive such opportunity. There are no obligatory requirements on amount of purchases for you, and it will not play any role for your status of a member of CaliVita International global network. At the same time at desire you can create your team and become the successful person in international business of CaliVita International.

Your sponsor will render you any help, if necessary, concerning products or work in CaliVita International network, and will help you to construct own business (if this is your purpose). You can contact him at e-mail.

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