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Endurances from organizational rules of
CaliVita International

The common terms

The distributor of CaliVita Network can become:

  • Any person who has reached majority;
  • The legal person or the private businessman, not being the legal person, or the firm which has signed the legal certificate in the concrete country; and also any organization, directly (through the representative) connected with CaliVita Network.

After filling the application form and entering of a membership payment (purchasing of starting product), the Company gives code number then membership becomes valid.

New accepted Distributor receives the network documentation and distributor card which contains his or her code number. Besides the company sends him or her constants printed business prospectuses.

Attitudes between the distributor and network

The distributor has the right to get own and transfer the information about products of CaliVita and the Company, about CV Network, and also to accept new Distributors into CV Network. The distributor forms group with new accepted Distributors, and he (or she) becomes their sponsor. At increase of CaliVita Network the new Distributors accepted by the Distributor, concern to group of the Distributor who has accepted them in a network, and their purchases increase Commercial and Bonus Points of this Distributor which has accepted them in a network.

The distributor has the right offer to Distributors of CaliVita Network only that products and services which are given by the Company.

The distributor can be a member of other network marketing system only as the consumer.

Attitudes between the Company and CaliVita Network

At purchase of products the Company offers discounts to Distributors of the Network.

The company attracts attention of Distributors to that fact, that they have the right to be engaged in commercial activity with products of the Company only in that case, when have in stock all tax sanctions necessary for this from authorities and observe laws and other rules of the given country.

Rules of payment

The sum of those or other bonus rewards to Distributors is defined by the Company on the basis of a total sum bonus (BP) and commercial (CP) points of personal purchases of the Distributor in the given calendar month which are added to sum BP and CP of joint purchases made by Distribution group for given calendar month. Total amount BP is used for definition of a nominal qualifying level, and the percentage rate of a nominal qualifying level is applied to a total amount CP to definition of the size of bonus rewards.

If the sum of bonus rewards calculated by BP and CP, does not exceed a ten-dollar equivalent in local currency, the company will not give it in the given month, and will transfer bonus compensation for more later time, having united it with bonus compensation next month. So will be until the total sum of bonus rewards designated in the report of results, will not exceed in local currency a ten-dollar equivalent. Only then the Company will give to the distributor bonus compensation. In the countries where the similar form of a delay is forbidden, rules of the Company concerning the granting bonus rewards to distributors which are not exceeding a ten-dollar equivalent in local currency, will be coordinated with laws and decisions of corresponding authorities.

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Everything questions about conditions of membership in CaliVita International please address to <Administrations of the site at any time. We always watching.

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